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Excited to invite you to the 2nd annual She Rises Festival taking place on August 31st in the beautiful high desert of Taos, New Mexico.

She Rises is a one-of-a-kind festival celebrating the strength, creativity, and resilience of women through music, art, workshops, and community gathering.

🎀 This year's lineup is our biggest yet, featuring:

KT Tunstall is a must-see at She Rises Music Festival! 🎀πŸ”₯

This Scottish songstress exploded onto the scene with her spellbinding 2004 performance of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." Her raw talent and authenticity quickly earned her critical acclaim and major awards, including:

πŸ‘‘ BRIT Award for Best British Female Artist
πŸ’Ž Ivor Novello Award for "Suddenly I See"
πŸ† 4 Grammy nominations

Get ready to groove with Tunstall's electrifying live show! Her blend of folk, rock, and pop, along with her powerful voice, will leave you spellbound. Plus, her skill with looping technology adds a unique twist to the performance.

Tunstall's music is more than just songs, it's a journey. From the touching 'Suddenly I See', to her recent 2022 album 'Nut', and her inspiring 2023 collaboration with Suzi Quatro, it's an exposition of her songwriting prowess across 8 studio albums.

Andrea Magee is truly amazing 🌟 at her roles as founder and visionary of She Rises Music Festival and Music Helps ATX. Here's why she deserves immense praise:

We're truly thankful for Andrea, the powerhouse behind She Rises, who tirelessly advocates for women in the music industry. Her ceaseless dedication to inclusivity, diversity, and amplifying underrepresented voices is commendable and has a profound impact. Her passion for a safe, joyful community is a source of inspiration, fostering positive change.

Andrea's authentic contribution to Music Helps ATX, utilizing music's transformative power to assist those in need, is truly commendable. Her relentless work and visionary leadership have sparked hope, reaching countless individuals. 🎻⚑

What makes Andrea truly extraordinary is her authentic spirit and relentless dedication. From opening for music legends like Brian Wilson and The Doobie Brothers, to packing her bags and chasing her dreams in the USA, her journey exemplifies perseverance and passion.

Andrea's impact extends far beyond stages - she's a force for good, using her voice to spark meaningful conversations around important social issues. Her Northern Irish roots intertwined with her American spirit create a tapestry of music that transcends borders and unites hearts. 🌍🎡

In essence, Andrea Magee is a true visionary and changemaker, leaving an indelible mark through her artistry, advocacy, and compassion. πŸ‘‘ Her work with She Rises and Music Helps ATX is nothing short of amazing. πŸš€

Get ready to experience a powerhouse lineup of phenomenal female artists at our festival! From Gina Chavez's bilingual Latin-folk singer and songwriter to Paack's genre-blending grooves and Carly Jo Jackson's raw Americana spirit, you'll be blown away.

Plus, don't miss the heartfelt lyricism of Suzanna Choffel. These trailblazing talents are more than worth the journey - their mesmerizing live performances will move you with their authenticity, passion and undeniable artistry.

Immerse yourself in the magic of music's leading ladies! Whether you're a longtime fan or about to discover your new favorite, this is a can't-miss celebration of phenomenal female voices. Join us and let their songs touch your soul.